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YMCA Health & Wellness Programs

The YMCA focuses on overall wellness, empowering you to tailor your own plan toward healthier living

YMCAs have led health and wellness programs for people of all ages, incomes and abilities for more than a century. YMCA’s also focus on overall wellness, empowering you to tailor your own plan toward healthier living by choosing how you will accomplish your wellness goals. The whole approach means you have many options and lots of support as you choose your path to a healthier you! At the YMCA of Frederick County, we have the facilities, equipment, programs, and staff to support you and every member of your family. Make new friends, increase your self-confidence, and improve your spiritual, mental and physical health.

Fitness Center

YMCA of Frederick County’s health and wellness center features an indoor track, strength equipment, free weights and training areas. With the different cardio and strength training equipment available, you are sure to find something that works for you.

Equipment Orientations

The Health and Wellness Department offers Acivtrax (downtown branch), web-based training that features a virtual workout partner that will guide you through your strength workouts. The programs are customizable for each person and include nutrition tracking. The New EGYM smart strength system (South County branch) provides a programmed, safe, and effective workout experience. The orientation includes instruction on eight EGYM strength machines to create the ideal strength circuit for successful workouts. Our cardio equipment is synced to use the EGYM cardio workouts to complete your fitness experience.

Group Exercise

Year-round fitness classes are available for every ability and level. Whether you are just starting to work out, you will find a class that best suits you and allows you to participate at your own pace.

Small-Group Training

Take your fitness to the next level in functional training with a small group of 4-6 people working with a Certified Personal Trainer at pre-scheduled times. Each workout is unique and focuses on various muscle groups for a total body experience.

Active Older Adults

Specifically designed for older adults, these fitness classes help you build strength, maintain bone density, and improve balance and mobility. These fitness classes accommodate functional abilities sot that everyone can stay fit and healthy.

Personal Training

For individuals ages 11 and over and regardless of your fitness goals, the YMCA offers personal training to everyone. The trainers’ offer expert advice as well as personalized attention as you learn new exercises.


Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body with several massage options including Swedish, deep tissue, sports mass