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A web-based training system is your virtual workout partner that guides you through workouts, nutrition and overall well-being

Customize Your Health & Well-being Goals

ActivTrax works with your own individualized strength. Ready when you are, this web-based training system will be your virtual workout partner, guiding you through workouts, nutrition, and overall well-being. New workouts are generated as you progress through the exercises. Our HAWC staff can customize the workouts to fit your fitness goals. ActivTrax is FREE for Y members and it couldn’t be easier to get started. Ask one of our HAWC staff to find out how!

Customized Workouts

Each time you visit the Health & Wellness center, ActivTrax will create a new workout, customized just for you. The workout will tell you which equipment to use, how to set the weights, and coach you on proper technique. A tool for “everyday” athletes, ActivTrax can be used no matter your fitness level, whether you’re just starting out or have been exercising for years. ActivTrax shows you the way, keeps track of your progress, and gives you workouts based on your needs and goals.

Nutrition Tracking

ActivTrax can help you outside the Y, too! It offers a nutrition component that will help you plan meals that have been evaluated by top nutritionists. Once your information has been entered, the system will provide weekly meal plans (it will even make grocery lists for you) that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Tools such as a database of over 70,000 foods will help you track your caloric intake to ensure you stay on target toward reaching your goal. ActivTrax’s nutrition engine becomes your personal dietitian!

How to Register for ActivTrax

We’ve all been there-wondering what exercises to do, when to do them or even how to do them. That’s why we’ve brought you ActivTrax. This virtual trainer serves as your workout partner and understands your wants, needs and goals. It’s simple to use, very effective and easy to get started. To receive a username and password, please register at the Health & Wellness kiosk to make an appointment with a Y Staff. Once activated, you can login below to print workouts and track your progress online.


Personalized Resistance Training for All Target Groups

Individual targets require personalized workouts. Whether it’s muscle building, general fitness, or body shaping: Updated automatically for each period, our training programs adjust workouts to your personal goals.

Motivational Gamification

The EGYM training curve shows you the right range of motion and correct speed. Gamification elements, like scoring points on the training curve, also enhance motion control and motivate you to perform the exercises correctly.

Strength Measurements

Regular maximum strength measurements automatically calculate the ideal training weight on each machine and continuously adapt the parameters in line with training achievements – creating stimuli for steady growth and preventing training plateaus.

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