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Group sports and recreation, like Racquetball, are fun for all and makes for a healthier lifestyle

Challenge yourself! Whether you are a beginner or a power player, there is a place for you to have fun on the racquetball courts at the Y. We have 3 racquetball courts located on the lower level in our main facility. Join a league, take a lesson or just drop -in on a game for friendly competition in a supportive environment. Group sports and recreation is fun for all and makes for a healthier lifestyle.

Court Reservations

All reservations for our racquetball courts can now be done online. You can reserve a court from home or use our computer station set up at the courtesy counter. Reservations can be made up to one week in advance. Please remember you can only reserve one court a day. We need room for all of our racquetball family.

Click here for online reservations and follow the directions below:

New User
A. Select the time needed.
B. Select the day needed.
C. Choose an available court.
D. Finalize reservation with user information.

Returning User
A. Log in upper right corner with email address.
B. To cancel reservation, select cancel reservation.
C. To make new reservation, follow same instructions as new user.


We offer lessons for all ages. One-hour private racquetball lessons teach fundamentals of the game, including information about strokes, strategies, and scoring.


In the fall and spring, the YMCA offers league play for players of all ability levels. We are now offering a youth league as well! Sign up your child and have them bring a friend. Coach Roy would love the opportunity to teach young players the game of racquetball. When signing up, please indicate which league interests you. You can sign up for the Men’s A, AB, B, BC, C, D, Women’s League or Youth League.

Our Spring League begins March 1 and Fall League begins September 21.

Drop-in Nights

Enjoy the camaraderie of playing with other racquetball enthusiasts by coming out on our regularly scheduled drop-in nights. Three courts are reserved on Wednesday and Friday nights from 6-8pm and on Saturday from 10am-Noon. These challenge court times are for members only.


In February, we have our famous Winter Classic Tournament for singles and doubles, and in April we have our Doubles Tournament. Both tournaments are for members and non-members of all ages.


Proper eyewear is strongly encouraged at all times while in the racquetball courts. Coach Roy would never enter the court without his goggles firmly in place!


If you would like to try the game of racquetball, you can borrow racquets, balls and goggles at the Health and Wellness kiosk. This is located upstairs in the fitness center. Make sure your racquets have straps on them and your eyes have goggles!

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