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Active Older Adults

Fitness programs that accommodate all functional abilities so that everyone can stay active and healthy

The Y offers fitness classes specifically designed for older adults. These classes give participants an opportunity to build strength, maintain bone density, and improve balance and mobility. Y Active Older Adult Fitness programs accommodate functional abilities so that everyone can stay fit and healthy.

Fitness classes include +55 Total Training, Ai Chi, GoLo, Hatha Yoga, Senior Swim, Tai Chi, Warm Water Exercise, Water Exercise/Low-Pact and Water Walking.

For an updated list of class times, please view our pool and group fitness schedules below.

55+ Total Training

This is a strength training class that is designed to meet the needs of active older adults and will build your endurance and develop coordination and balance.

Ai Chi

A graceful and rhythmic class that emphasizes balance and body control with simple exercises and relaxation in warm water.


This is a low impact, high intensity fitness class for those who want a total body workout.

Hatha Yoga

A series of traditional postures to help release tension and stress by combining deep breathing with gentle stretching.

Senior Swim & Water Volleyball

Designed for older adults who want to participate in swimming activities. Participants ages 55 and older can enjoy a relaxing swim or senior volleyball.

Tai Chi

Exercises that consist of slow and relaxed movements in a self-paced system of gently physical exercise and stretching.

Warm Water Exercise

Exercise with out putting strain on joints and muscles. This is a warm water exercise program that is designed for people with arthritis or anyone requiring a low impact exercise program.

Water Exercise / Low-Impact

This is a low-impact water exercise class designed for those with limited mobility, injury, or those who have not exercised in a long time.

Water Walking

This program focuses on shallow water walking for those who want to exercise but without the stress or impact.

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