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Total workout to strengthen the mind, spirit and body by improving core muscle groups of the body.

This program is Designed for participants looking for a total workout that strengthens the spirit and mind, as well as the body. Mind/Body classes are ideal for those wishing to improve flexibility, balance, and tone while strengthening core muscle groups. These no impact workouts include stretching and core muscle training exercises. The results? Enhanced mobility, long, strong muscles, a flat stomach, strong back, improved posture, and a more streamlined body. Perfect for any age or fitness level. For an updated schedule of class times, please view our group fitness schedule below.


Build strength and flexibility, reduce stress and tension and increase your overall health, energy and vitality

Yoga focuses on breathing and relaxation, stretching and lengthening of muscles through movement. Relax and enjoy these benefits of a class that is taught in the vinyasa style flow.

Offered at the Green Valley Y location.

Super Stretch Fitness

Increase your range of motion and flexibility in this relaxing class

Super Stretch allows you to take time to revitalize in a 45 minute class that uses various techniques to gently improve flexibility, posture and core stabilization. This class is good for any fitness level. Instructor offers multiple variations of stretches according to your ability level.
Offered at the Green Valley Y location.

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