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The Birth to Five Child Development Department at the YMCA of Frederick County provides comprehensive education, social, health, and nutrition services to children in Frederick County from 6 weeks to Preschool, as well as Early Head Start and Head Start with wrap-around services. This means that no matter your child’s age, the YMCA will ensure you get everything you need, and your child will have the very best education possible.


We know the importance of food and nutrition on healthy living. The brain is a human body part, and it requires energy to function correctly. If a child is hungry, they are more likely to have problems with memory and concentration because they do not have the energy to carry out these functions. To ensure every child has the opportunity to succeed, breakfast, lunch, and snacks are all provided to every child in programs under the Birth to Five Child Development Department!


Staff are educated, certified and well-trained to provide safe, affordable, high-quality care so you can have peace of mind while you work. Staff members are partners with parents and other caregivers, working together to help kids grow up healthy, happy, and strong.


We have selected Teaching Strategies The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, which is aligned with Head Start Program Performance Standards, to guide teaching in our preschool classrooms. This curriculum is based on the foundation of child development theories which support that children learn best through actively exploring their environment. We provide opportunities to build children’s confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills through hands-on, project-based investigations. We promote discovery and inquiry with opportunities for children to think critically and develop process skills with rich, hands-on investigations of relevant and interesting topics in the classroom. The Creative Curriculum fosters independent, self-confident, inquisitive, and enthusiastic learners by actively exploring their environment. Curriculum goals focus on the areas of: Social/Emotional, Cognitive, Physical and Language, Motor skills, Academic Learning, and Adaptive skills.

Application Process

  1. Complete the Birth to Five Application
  2. YMCA staff will reach out for any additional paperwork needed as well as to advise on availability. Please know that these programs have a rolling admissions process so completing the application, even if there is no immediate space, will ensure you a place on the waitlist.
  3. Enrollment (dependent on space, room, and age availability)

As always, please feel free to contact the Child Care Business Office if you have any questions.  We can be reached at 301-228-9225 or


Ready Rosie

ReadyRosie is a FREE early education tool that helps families and schools deepen and scale their family engagement efforts, which leads to learning and child development success! Simply register for an account using a Frederick County zip code!

YMCA staff in early learning center

Family Advocates

Family Advocates are assigned to every family to assist with any social services needs, limited transportation services, referrals for disability, behavioral and other health needs, and school transition services.

Two-year Olds

Family Engagement Events

Family engagement in our program is encouraged, and assistance is given in obtaining needed social services. Events include Cooking classes, Social and Emotional strategies, Field Trips, and more!

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