Welcome to Summer Camp: What to Expect from Us

Welcome to the YMCA Summer Camp! As we embark on this exciting journey together, we want to ensure you know exactly what to expect from us throughout the summer. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of our communication methods, what we aim to teach our campers, our engagement approach, expectations for parents, and some important timeline-specific details.


You can expect regular communication from us using our summer software system, Brightwheel. We’ll keep you informed through our weekly newsletters, messages via Brightwheel, and phone calls when necessary. While camp leadership is available in the mornings and evenings, we kindly ask for scheduled appointments for longer discussions due to the busy pick-up and drop-off times. Our camp administrators are dedicated to answering emails and calls throughout the day. With over 600 campers daily, there may be occasional delays in response times, but rest assured, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Camp Experience:

Your child will be immersed in an environment that embodies and encourages our core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. We prioritize building relationships, fostering a sense of belonging, and promoting personal achievement. By the end of each week, your camper will be familiar with these values, woven into daily interactions and activities.

Challenge and Conflict:

Expect your camper to encounter challenges and potentially experience conflict as part of their growth journey. We encourage healthy risk-taking and the exploration of new experiences, even if they initially seem daunting. Our goal is to help campers navigate conflicts, listen actively, and find compromises while respecting each other’s perspectives.


Campers will participate in a variety of planned activities each day, with a guaranteed three hours dedicated to specific camp themes or projects. The remaining time will be filled with general camp activities and opportunities for free choice. We ensure every camper has the resources and support needed to engage comfortably and meaningfully with others.

Expectations for Parents:

We ask parents to prepare their campers for a summer of fun and growth by discussing our positive camp environment. Encourage your child to share their experiences with us and to communicate any concerns with a trusted adult. By supporting our mission and values, parents play a crucial role in enriching the camp experience for all.

Important Details:

As camp approaches, expect to receive a monthly newsletter via email to keep you informed and prepared. Our parent handbook contains detailed logistical information, so please refer to it for any questions. Instructions regarding our camp software system, Brightwheel, will be sent out closer to summer as rosters are finalized. This system houses required camper forms, including medical waivers and medication forms, which can also be found on our camp website.

We are thrilled to share this summer with your family and can’t wait to create unforgettable memories together. Counting down the days until we embark on this incredible journey with you!