Top Reasons to Send Your Kid to Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a staple in childhood. It is a place and time to enjoy being a child, exploring, making new friends, and new memories in a safe, fun, and educational location. Summer camp is the perfect combination of sun and fun. However, many parents do not realize how important and vital the lessons taught, and experiences of a summer camp truly are. It offers a fun getaway for their child and gives them the stepping stone to grow into who they truly are.

Discover Special Interests and Skills 

girl with puppets at puppetry campSummer camp brings the opportunity to find activities, interests, and skills that your child truly likes. They often have a variety of activities and even can specialize in a specific interest, like basketball or soccer. Summer camps can include activities like canoeing, hiking, archery, team challenges, and more! During camp, children are encouraged to get involved in a variety of these activities. Thus, children learn how much they enjoy these various interests. 

Also, summer camp offers the opportunity to improve skills in specific areas. Frederick YMCA offers a variety of camps that focus on particular skills like cooking, arts, sciences, musical theatre, puppetry, sports camps, and even leader in training camps! There are numerous programs to choose from that can fit any child’s interests! 

Get Active and Involved 

kids in a canoe at Camp West MarOne bonus of summer camp for kids is the fact that it is full of physical activity that doesn’t really feel like physical activity. With activities like canoeing, hiking, archery, and others, your child will constantly be moving and having fun while doing it! Often as parents, it can be hard to encourage your child to get up and move. At summer camp, their brains are constantly stimulated with new experiences, building lasting relationships, and their bodies are getting the activity and workouts they need to stay healthy!

Empower and Encourage Growth 

girl on monkey bars at summer campCamp not only offers opportunities to get active and find and pursue their special interests but also empowers and encourages growth in every child. Summer camps often encourage and push children to make new friends and be open to new experiences. Oftentimes this may be the first time they are away from their comfort zones and parents. Camps build confidence and independence through team-building activities and focusing on personal growth. With constant challenges every day, children can realize their potential and ability to do things on their own, boosting self-esteem, perfecting responsible decision-making, and empowering them. 

Meet Positive Role models 

kid with summer camp staffCamp introduces, develops, and strengthens connections with new friends and the ability to find positive role models. Counselors go through training to become the most helpful and supportive they can be. Most want to get involved and serve others through community service and have a love for guiding others. More than ever, it is essential that children have positive and loving role models who can show them how to be responsible and provide leadership skills. 

Encourage Diversity 

group of diverse kids at summer campLastly, camp encourages diversity. Often, when children go to school, they are put into their own age group and have friends who come from the same place. A camp encourages children from, at times, all over the country to build relationships. Some camps even take international campers as well! This encourages the exposure and acceptance of diversity. It allows a child to expand their social network and make new friends outside of their circle. 

Frederick YMCA is offering a variety of camps that fit any child’s interest. Our camps are safe, educational, fun, boost self-esteem, and encourage growth. Whether your child is interested in space and science or soccer and golf, we offer the camp perfect for them! Check out our 2021 summer camp program guide here and register for camp today!