Teen/Preteen Behavior Policy and Progressive Discipline

Wristbands (Downtown and Natelli Family Y)

  • Youth aged 10-13 will be given wristbands upon entering the YMCA all day, every day.
  • Youth aged 14-17 will be given wristbands from 2-7pm, Monday through Friday only.

Check-In Procedures for Teens Afterschool at Natelli Family Y (Mon – Fri, 2-4pm)

Upon arrival, youth coming from Urbana Middle and Urbana High School must enter through the Check-In Line and be scanned in at the Teen Kiosk by staff. During 2:00-4:00pm, Youth Members must check in through the Teen Kiosk.

If Youth Members do not have access to their Membership card or barcode, they may utilize the Front Desk for check-in on a limited basis only. Youth Members may be denied entrance if they have to check in at the Front Desk repeatedly, and may return when they are able to follow procedure and check in through the Teen Kiosk with their card or barcode. Membership can help Youth Members set up a card or barcode if needed.

Youth Members will be given a wristband that identifies their age group and they MUST keep it on during the entire duration while using the facility. Members under the age of 14 may not utilize all Health and Wellness areas, including the group exercise studios.

Non-members who are awaiting pick up will be wristbanded accordingly, and allowed access to the lobby area only (this includes lobby bathrooms). Non-members may not go beyond the lobby.

Any Youth Members who check in outside of after-school hours or at the Downtown facility will go through the Front Desk and be given a wristband by Membership.

Teen/Preteen Behavior Standards Policy – Youth Members

Our staff strives to provide a fun and safe environment for our youth. All who use the facility are expected to reflect the YMCA Core Values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility at all times. We aim to set our youth up to be successful, functional, and thoughtful adults.

Progressive Discipline

When inappropriate behavior has been identified, we will follow the guidelines below. Some conduct may warrant skipping steps.

  • Youth members will be given a verbal warning.
  • Members who are given several warnings will be asked to leave a program space or the premises. If they are asked to leave, parents will be notified as a courtesy.
  • If the behavior continues, Membership will be suspended, and parents will be notified. A conference with parents and staff will be required for the Youth Member to return.
  • Further disregard of the Code of Conduct will result in the Termination of Membership.
  • Cumulative incidents will be taken into consideration when determining discipline.