Summer Camp Focus Areas: Achievement, Belonging, Relationships

Achievement holds a unique meaning for each individual, and here at the Y, we celebrate diverse definitions of success. For some campers, achievement may be mastering a new skill or scoring their first goal in soccer. Many succeed when they push beyond their comfort zones and embrace new experiences. Whether perfecting a basketball dribble, nailing their lines in a play, or embodying our core values and earning a corresponding bead, every achievement is worth celebrating. That’s why we equip our campers with weekly “Ask me about…” stickers to proudly share their accomplishments with family, reinforcing the message: “I can do hard things!” By encouraging these conversations, we foster confidence and pride in our campers.

Belonging is about finding connection and value within a community, and at the Y, we cultivate an environment where campers feel both welcomed and valued. Each camper receives a camp t-shirt and a keychain adorned with beads representing our core values, symbolizing their membership in something greater than themselves. This year, we’re introducing a hand-stamped “Y” medallion to solidify their sense of belonging further. Within our camp groups, we promote inclusivity and recognition of individual contributions, fostering a culture where every camper feels respected and appreciated.

Relationships are the heart of our camp experience, where campers learn essential social skills and the importance of friendship. We guide their development by encouraging introductions and fostering conversations during lunch, providing opportunities for campers to connect and engage. Families are invited to continue these discussions at home, reinforcing the values of communication and connection. Throughout the summer, we emphasize the power of “please” and “thank you” as expressions of respect and care, nurturing a community built on mutual understanding and support.

Our focus areas are not just objectives; they reflect our commitment to building a stronger, more inclusive community daily in our camps. Together, we empower campers to achieve, belong, and thrive in an environment where they feel valued and supported.