How to Prepare Your Kid for Camp

Getting ready for summer camp is an exciting adventure, and preparing your child for this experience can make all the difference. Here are some tips to help your child feel confident and ready to embrace the camp experience:

Camp West Mar slingshotEncourage Trying New Things

Summer camp is the perfect opportunity for kids to step out of their comfort zones and try new activities. Whether it’s singing camp songs or navigating an obstacle course blindfolded, camp provides a safe and supportive environment for exploration. Ease any fears or anxieties by discussing the benefits of trying new things with your child beforehand.

Summer campers canoe with life jacketsPromote Making New Friends

Camp is where lifelong friendships are often forged, but it all starts with a simple introduction. Encourage your child to confidently introduce themselves to counselors and fellow campers. Practicing these social skills beforehand can help your child feel more comfortable in new social settings.

Summer Camp slip and slideDiscuss Camp Details

Help alleviate any apprehension by discussing the camp(s) your child is enrolled in. Familiarize them with the camp schedule and activities to give them a sense of what to expect each day. While specific details may not always be available, knowing the general structure of the day can provide reassurance. Reach out to the camp’s site director for more information if needed.

Camp West Mar spider webReview Camp Schedules

Different camps may have varied schedules. Whether it’s traditional camps like Camp Ex and Sports Unlimited, specialty camps with focused activities, or traveling camps, understanding the daily routine can help your child feel more prepared and confident.

Address Homesickness

It’s natural for children to feel homesick, but discussing this possibility beforehand can help them cope. Reassure your child that homesickness is normal and that camp staff and friends are there to support them. Emphasize their ability to overcome challenges and remind them that they can do hard things.

Camp West Mar ropes courseBe Confident

Show your confidence in your child’s ability to navigate the camp experience. Your encouragement and support can boost their confidence and independence, empowering them to embrace new challenges and opportunities at camp.

Preparing your child for camp is an essential step in ensuring they have a positive and enriching experience. By discussing expectations, encouraging social skills, and providing reassurance, you can help your child feel confident and ready to make the most of their summer camp adventure. Remember, camp is about fun, growth, and creating lasting memories!