YMCA Youth & Government Pre-Legislative Conference

Preparing our Youth to Make a Change within our Government

We are pleased to announce that the YMCA Frederick County is hosting the Pre-Legislative Conference of Y Maryland Youth and Government on March 19 from 11 am to 3:30 pm at the Y Arts Center (15 E. Church St.) in preparation for the State Conference held in Annapolis, Maryland in April. There will be an opening and closing session at New Spire Arts Center (15 West Patrick St.) from 10-10:45 am and 3:45-4 pm respectively. Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner will be making an appearance during the opening session to discuss why she chose public service, and share how she chooses what bills/initiatives she supports and prioritizes.

Maryland Youth and Government is designed to provide high school students hands-on experience on
how government works at the state and local levels. Students will learn how to elect their leaders,
debate in a diplomatic manner, draft and legislate bills, and lobby for their visions of a better future for
the next generations. Students will learn how to be senate/house delegates, lobbyists, the press, the
courts, and elected/appointed officials.

During the Pre-Legislative Conference, the students will dive deeper into the roles that they have
selected. They will receive specialized training and have the opportunity to work collectively with their
peers and partners in other delegations. The conference also includes the election and appointments of
the statewide officers.

“If you have the passion, energy, and excitement to run for a position it will show through. Let the
process take you because the challenge at the end of the day is not running but putting yourself in a
position to run,” said Jeanelle Agym, 2022 Maryland Y Youth and Government Lt. Government.

The Pre-Legislative Conference is preparing the students for the 3-day State Conference in Annapolis
providing students with experience in the democratic process. It also gives the students the opportunity
to speak in the State House, the House of Delegates, and the Anne Arundel Circuit Court.

For more information, visit www.frederickymca.org or contact Teen Program Coordinator Evan Bates at