Summer Serve Teens Create “Rethink Your Drink” PSAs

Summer Serve Teens Create “Rethink Your Drink” PSAs

The Summer 2021 Summer Serve Participants at the YMCA of Frederick County helped LiveWell Frederick with their Rethink Your Drink initiative by creating public service announcements (PSAs) to promote the health benefits of drinking more water.

The participants had a lot of fun creating their PSAs, which feature water-swilling cowboys and a soda mafia to encourage people to avoid sugary drinks and replace them with water.  

The teen coordinator for the YMCA said, “I appreciated LiveWell Frederick coming by to educate our teens, who are among the most targeted by sugary drink companies, on the importance of choosing their beverages wisely. The participants got to practice teamwork and harness their inner performer to create commercials to educate their peers.” 

Summer Serve is a YMCA/United Way Partnership that provides local youth ages 12-17 with the opportunity to spend their summer volunteering, developing leadership skills, and making friendships that last a lifetime.

Summer Serve is a six-week program designed to help young people awaken their inner leader, build teamwork skills, and meet like-minded peers while creating positive change in their community. 

Through its partnership with LiveWell Frederick, Summer Serve participants helped with the Rethink Your Drink initiative. Rethink Your Drink teaches mindfulness about the amount of sugar in our drinks and encourages drinking more water and 1% milk.

There are three tips to help get started: 

  1. Replace most, if not all, of your beverages with water.
  2. Reduce the amount of sugar in your tea or coffee gradually until you adjust to less sweetness.
  3. If you’re craving some flavor, add a splash of sparkling water, slices of fruits or vegetables, or 100% fruit juice to your water.