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Reservations Required

  • Lap Swim: 1-hour time limit, every person must reserve their spot. Two swimmers per lane. Youth lap swimming is permitted for youth capable of swimming for fitness (not for play). One parent/guardian must be present in the pool area for any swimmers under the age of 10
  • Family Swim: Each and every swimmer must be signed up. Use the “my group” feature to set up all the family members at once. You cannot extend your time past your reservation block. Please sign up for one block only out of respect for other members.
  • Water Walking: Water Walking is for adult water fitness only (water walking, aqua jog, water exercise). No family swim, open rec or lap swim is permitted during this time.
  • Water fitness classes run on a 7-week session, next session begins the week of April 26. A 7-week all-access pass is $15 for members. You can purchase the all-access pass online or in person.

Fun Zone

Reservations Required
(This link is currently for Natelli Family YMCA reservations only.  Downtown reservations can be done through the app.)

  • Ages 3 months – 9 years
  • All participants will be supervised by an adult
  • Please wear socks while on equipment; remove shoes before entering
  • Slide down one at a time; no climbing up
  • No food or drinks allowed on equipment
  • Reservations Required. Login to your account.  Go to “Schedule a visit.” Choose the correct location and follow the prompts to complete the reservation.
  • Current hours: Mon.-Fri: 8am-Noon & 4-8pm; Sat. & Sun. 8am-4pm

Group Exercise

Reservations Required

  • Ages 14 and older can take group exercise classes with the exception of BodyPump (16 and older)
  • Ages 11-13 accompanied by parent/guardian
  • Studio A and the Spin Room are available for On-Demand classes. Reservations are required.


  • Gymnasium Schedule is posted online.
  • Shirts are required
  • No food or drink other than water
  • Wear your mask OVER your nose and mouth
  • Must follow all YMCA Standards of Conduct. Be respectful and responsible with bodies and language (no fighting, no profanity, and no disrespectful behavior).

Health & Wellness Center

Reservations required for eGYM Orientation

  • No Backpacks in the H&W Center. Please bring a lock and use a day locker.
  • Ages 14 and over ONLY.
  • Do not drop bars, weights, or dumbbells. A controlled drop from below the knees is acceptable.
  • Put all equipment back where you got it, especially free weights.
  • Wipe down equipment before and after use.
  • Family Time is Mon.-Fri.: 6-9pm; Sat. & Sun.: 1-4pm: Ages 10-13 may use H&W Center with a parent or guardian during Family Time only. Limited to treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals. The minimum height requirement is 4’11”. Resistance bands and functional bodyweight exercises will also be introduced. Strength equipment or eGYM is not permitted.

Locker Rooms

  • 18+ in adult men’s/women’s locker room
  • Minors (18 and under) must use the Universal Locker Room
  • Please bring a lock to use with day lockers. Please use the lockers, do not leave your stuff all over the benches/floor.
  • Guest Locker rooms are designed to be used by visiting swim teams or nonmembers during community swim time.
  • During prime hours, such as after school, middle and high schoolers may be asked to use the Guest Men’s and Women’s Locker Room.

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