Health and Wellness Center Etiquette

At the YMCA of Frederick County, we want you to experience all that the Y has to offer in a safe, non-intimidating, and fun facility for all ages. 

Proper Attire:

girl on floor doing situpWe all love the latest in fitness fashion but please remember that our YMCA is a family-oriented facility respectful of all ages throughout the facility.  In the fitness center, the Y strives to make sure everyone is comfortable while they work out.  Because we allow ages 10 and up to utilize the fitness area and group exercise studios, we require proper attire to be worn.  Torsos must be covered at all times for both males and females of all ages.  This means the guys should not be shirtless during their time and “just sports bras” for females are not allowed. Please refer to the dress code.

Weight/Cardio Circuits:

girl in gym with dumbellOur branches offer an abundance of fitness equipment from dumbbells to cardio equipment.  But we don’t supply enough for each person to use.  Please be respectful and minimize the use of several pieces of equipment at a time to create your own workout circuit.  There is a safety hazard with equipment placed on the floor in various locations while working a circuit.  Allow others to work through while you are taking a break to complete your next set.  Reserving or “holding” equipment to allow you to go another piece of equipment is prohibited.  When you walk away from the equipment it is up for grabs by others.

Dropping Weights:

in gym with barbellA controlled drop from the knees down is allowable after each set, whether it’s a pair of dumbbells, kettlebells, or weight lifting bars.  Dropping dumbbells from your waist or higher damages the bearings in the dumbbells causing the dumbbell heads to become loose or fall off. 

Olympic lifting is an awesome workout but our YMCA is not a weight lifting training center or CrossFit facility. Releasing the bar to drop after completion of a press is not allowed.  Again, we have many different folks using the area and need to remain respectful of the noise when dropping weights. 

When finished with your workout or a set, return all equipment to its proper place to avoid the risk of someone tripping over dumbbells, plates, bands, kettlebells, and machine accessories left lying on the floor.  And please wipe down all equipment, handles, and benches.

Cell Phones:

cell phone selfie in gymThe use of cell phones for conversations and photoshoots in the fitness center is prohibited.  That means don’t use your earbuds or air pods to call your mother or take a conference call while walking on the treadmill. We really don’t want to hear about your business meeting or what you are picking up for dinner!  PLEASE move to the corner of the fitness area or in the hallway to have your conversation.

Tik Tok, selfies, body posing photoshoots, etc. is prohibited.  As part of your membership agreement, the use of any device capable of photographic images is strictly prohibited in the fitness area, locker rooms, restrooms, and changing areas. Other program areas will require approval from the program Instructor or Director.  So if you want to take pictures of your child in gymnastics, please check with the coach or Instructor.

Keep your Personal Items Safe:

In the Health and Wellness Center, small key lockers for your wallet, keys or phone is available while you work out.  Large lockers are also available for your gym bags and backpacks.  These large items are a tripping hazard in the fitness area.  Please remember we have all age groups utilizing the health and wellness center and don’t want anyone to injure themselves.

Have Fun!

Enjoy your time at the Y!  Try a class, make an appointment for a fitness assessment, try out one of our personal trainers, go for a swim, volunteer, and make friends.  The possibilities of a healthy lifestyle are endless at the YMCA!