Head Start Staff Supports Head Start Parent Start Up Business

Head Start staff recently spent an evening supporting Karina Ortiz’s new food truck business at Hillcrest Skate Park. 

After working 60-70 hours per week in the restaurant industry for several years with no flexibility in her schedule, Karina knew it was time for a change. In February 2022, she pursued her dream of owning her own business and purchased a food truck, naming it “Chilangadas La Nena.” Since obtaining the necessary permits for the location and sale of food, she hasn’t looked back! The business is doing very well, and she is loving every minute of it!

Starting “Chilangadas La Nena” has given Karina the flexibility in her schedule to spend more time with her children, which was her ultimate goal from the start. Karina has three children, Mayte, Maybel, and a newborn, Jose. Mayte works most evenings with her in the food truck, and Maybel is currently enrolled in the Head Start Program.  The one takeaway she has for her children is to know that all dreams are possible and she supports them 100%. 

Karina shared how grateful she is to the Head Start Program staff and her family for giving her support and encouragement to have the courage to take this bold step toward starting her own business. 

Be sure to check out Chilangadas La Nena at Hillcrest Skate Park, Wednesday-Sunday 4:30-8:30PM. 


The Head Start program provides comprehensive education, social, health, and nutrition services to children and their families.  Family involvement in the program is encouraged, and assistance is given in obtaining needed social services.