5 Reasons Dance is Important for the Development of Your Child

Children have high amounts of energy and dance classes are the perfect way to channel that energy. Dancing is a fun, safe, and inclusive way for your child to start healthy living habits for their body, mind and spirit. Here are some ways that dance classes can benefit your child.

Improves Physical Health.

Dance improves all areas of physical health including cardio endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, and strength. It allows the body to grow in a fun and safe manner, without your child knowing that they are working out.

Improves Social Skills

While your child is not a team sport, they will be in a class learning with other children and performing with them. In dance, they are taught teamwork and collaboration, through collaborating with the instructor and working together with the other dancing on the alignment and choreography. What this leads to is an interaction between the children, which will increase their social skills. Being able to interact with other people is a skill we all need and getting your child started early only benefits them

Increases Creativity

In dance, your child will express themselves through the choreography that they learn in the class. They will learn how to trust one another, and develop relationships that will help them later on in their lives. 

Increases Cognitive Development

Dance teaches self-discipline and time management. It will teach your child how to deal with coming to the class after doing homework while teaching them how to control their bodies during class time

Benefits in School

Dance is something that requires practice, discipline, and focus. School requires the same things to be successful. Teaching your child early the benefits of practicing, having the discipline and having focus will put them on the right path to success. Dance is a great way to show your child this

Why Dance at the Frederick YMCA?

Everyone is Welcome

The Frederick YMCA offers a variety of dance classes at reasonable prices, offers additional discounts for Y members,  and can provide financial assistance to ensure every child has access to the programs and services they need to become who they want to be.


We offer dances classes for every age –from preschool to teens to adults–are included in our dance programs. Our instructors are dedicated to helping improve your dance skills for any age and skill level.


The YMCA of Frederick County offers dance classes at the Y Arts Center, a convenient downtown location, with parking around back!. The Y’s dance studio is a safe and inclusive environment for all future dancers to ensure the best experience for your child.