4 Tips for Choosing a Before and After School Child Care Provider

group of children playing legos Whether you need child care while you work or want additional homework help or socialization, the YMCA has four things to look for when choosing a provider.

1. Convenience

We all know parents are busy with work, chores, extracurricular activities, etc. Look for a childcare provider close to home and familiar to your child to help ease the transition and create a routine. The facility should have hours that fit your work schedule and provide care when school is out, such as on breaks or snow days.

2. Flexibility

As parents, your job may change, your schedule may change, or life steps in and flips everything around. Whether you need care before school only, after school only, or both, look for a  facility that is flexible and is there for you when you need it. 

3. Fun

Kids just want to have fun, even when learning. School is a long day for children. Look for programs that provide homework help but also snacks, crafts, themes, clubs, activities, and much more to keep kids happy. 

4. Learning more than the ABCs

There is more to school than just reading and writing. Look for programs that focus on Character Development, such as acceptance and understanding, collaboration, and positively handling your emotions.

The YMCA of Frederick County Before and After School (BASE) program provides before and after care in more than 20 elementary schools throughout Frederick County. Conveniently opening at 6:30 am through the start of the school day and from the moment the bell rings at the end of the day until final pick up at 6:30 p.m, we are there for you, including providing care on early dismissals and inclement weather closings. Flexible enrollment  means you can sign up for three days or five days a week for before care, after care, or both, for the duration of the school year OR enroll for Flex Fun (enroll for one month at a time if you only need care on a short-term basis or are looking for enrichment activities for your child short-term.) Your child will find their fun at the YMCA BASE program with monthly themes and six (6) exciting theme-based WOW clubs per month. Our trained staff will provide the support your child deserves with homework time and Character Development support.