10 Ssneaker walking up stepsimple Tips to Get Moving (and Feel Better)!

By: Mary Hoagland, Associate Director of Health and Wellness

Find some tips below that can help keep you moving, even a little bit helps, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

1.  Stand up and briefly stretch on the hour every hour.

Set an alarm on your phone, Alexa device, or download a desktop app (like StretchClock) that will remind you to stretch every hour.

2. Use the stairs instead of an elevator.

Or if you are working from home, purposely walk up and down the steps (doing chores or getting a snack).

3. Take a 15-minute walk before you start your day.

Before taking that seat at the computer, take a short 15-minute walk to breathe in some fresh air and clear your head.

4. Do calf raises while brushing your teeth.

While standing in front of the mirror brushing your teeth for two minutes, stretch up onto your tippy toes and stretch those calves out.

5. If watching TV, drop down and do push-ups during the commercials (or plank as long as you can).

During commercials is a perfect time to get off that recliner and do some push-ups or a plank (or both). Small little burst workouts can be just as effective as one long workout.

6. Do 50 squats before your next binge-watch on Netflix.

Whether it’s Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, or something else, if you’re planning on sitting for a while, why not earn it first. 50 squats will give your legs the exercise they may lack in the next few hours while you binge the latest trendy show.

7. Walk your dog instead of just letting him/her out in the yard.

Fiddo is fine to romp around the yard BUT attaching that leash and getting out for a walk is way more fun. They will love the company and you will too!

8. Park far away from the grocery store and make yourself walk.

You may be getting your groceries delivered but if you are making the trip to the grocery store, park at the end of the lot and get some extra steps in while running your errands.

9. Take a walk on your lunch break, even if you work from home.

Do you find yourself working MORE now that you work from home? Maybe you stay late or skip lunch (or snack all day). Schedule your lunch on your calendar and take the time to get up and go for a walk. You need that downtime to rest your brain and stretch your legs!

10. March in place while you are on a conference call.

Conference call without video? March in place or walk laps of your home office. Take this time to NOT multitask other work while sitting at your computer or desk and actually focus on the call but get some steps in at the same time!

Let’s get moving and feel better as we start 2021 off strong! Need more tips from one of our personal trainers to get you moving this year? Complete the Personal Trainer Request Form and email it to Rebecca Conrad at rconrad@frederickymca.org.