YMCA Receives Grant from City of Frederick for Adaptive Group Exercise Program

The YMCA of Frederick County received a $7,500 Community Promotion Grant from the City of Frederick for equipment needed to expand group fitness for those with special needs.

The Community Promotion Grant Program awards funding to nonprofit charitable and/or civic organizations in order to supplement existing funds that either create or enhance services that positively impact the greatest number of City residents. 

The grant will be distributed this summer for purchasing additional equipment for the Fitness and Fun adaptive group exercise program for those with special needs including physical disabilities. Fitness and Fun is offered for youth (ages 12-20) and adults (age 21+). The additional equipment will allow the Y to expand its offerings to more Frederick city residents and enhance the experience, providing new games and activities.

“Fitness and Fun is a unique class that provides an inclusive environment for kids to be themselves regardless of ability. The community created is one of encouragement and compassion pertaining to physical activity. It is where kids learn that they are strong and capable, while simultaneously developing gross and fine motor skills along the way. I am so grateful to the YMCA community for offering such a versatile and necessary resource,” says Marleigh Beck, Fitness and Fun instructor.

Fitness and Fun is offered as an 8-week program. During one 45-minute class each week, participants work on motor skills, balance, strength and core for youth and adults with Special Needs. This is done through stretching, dance, weights and non-contact boxing. The program is to help increase physical activity, lower rates of depression and work on adhering to a consistent active regimen in a safe, fun environment. 

For more information, contact Jaime Fisher, Associate Director of Health and Wellness Programs, YMCA of Frederick County, at jfisher@frederickymca.org.