NEW Youth-Based Fitness Classes

We have a variety of new group exercise classes coming in 2023! (Stay tuned for more details)
mommy and child yoga
  • Toddler Fun (Ages 2-3) (Natelli) This class is an interactive environment for you and your child to use their imagination while engaging in physical activity to promote their health and wellness and allow them to exert energy in a constructive/positive way. Mondays @ 5:30 pm Studio B, Natelli
  • Kids Boot Camp (Ages 3-4) (Downtown) Bring the kids and come enjoy this fun, interactive class where the kids will be running, jumping, and playing with age-appropriate exercises, games, and activities.  Parents must stay with their children during class.  Tuesday’s @ 9:15am in Studio C; Wednesdays @ 5:15 pm in Studio C
  • Kids Boot Camp 2.0 (Ages 5-8) (Downtown)  A fun, interactive class for kids aged 5-8 where they will be running, jumping, and playing with age-appropriate exercises, games, and activities.  The class will be more structured yet flexible with exercises/activities that will challenge them in balance, cardio, and body awareness in a safe, fun atmosphere.  Parents do not need to stay in class but are encouraged to be easily reachable/close to the studio class is located in.   Classes will be held on Wednesdays @ 6 pm in Studio C; Thursdays @ 9:15 am in Studio C
  • Parent & Toddler Yoga (Ages 2-4) (Natelli and Downtown) Class is designed for parent and child.  Yoga classes are a great way to help parents and children not only bond but help promote the development of motor skills. Please bring mats to class for both you and your child.  Dress in layers, though every effort is made to adjust temperatures accordingly; the studios are sometimes cooler.
  • Teen Yoga (11 years and up) (Natelli) Class is designed with teens in mind.  Creating a safe space to practice yoga, teaching participants the value of not only the benefits of physical exercise but also learning about life balance.  Training the mind, body, and breath and connecting with your spirituality.  Creating early access to Yoga can help promote not only balance but also help us learn techniques to help us react to stress and challenging emotions and situations.  Classes will be held on Mondays @ 3:30 pm in Studio B.