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Mission Moments

A few reasons why our members joined and stayed the Y

OUR MISSION: To put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Did you know that the YMCA is a non-profit organization? Each year, we assist nearly 1,400 families and individuals in the Frederick community through our financial assistance program. At the YMCA, we want to ensure that every person can benefit from our many programs and services. Below are just a few testimonials from some of our participants.

For Youth Development

“I would like to THANK YOU so much for offering my sons a summer scholarship. Without this scholarship, I could not have been able to afford the summer activities such as Sports unlimited at the Y. The activities help my boys stay active both physically and mentally, and I see a broad smile on their faces each time I pick them up after camp.”

“We currently benefit from the scholarship program, and the financial assistance has helped us. My son has been able to take swim lessons and other classes that we might not have otherwise been able to afford. This has greatly increased his confidence and abilities. We can also utilize the much needed before and after school program, of which the benefit has been immeasurable. Knowing that my son is safe, happy, and well cared for when I can’t be with him early in the morning and after school lets me feel confident and assured. The care he receives and the friendships he has made have been such a wonderful addition to his school year. Because of the assistance we receive from the YMCA, our quality of life has been positively impacted. Thank you cannot repay what we have received.”

For Healthy Living

“I’m so thankful to the Frederick Y for the scholarship because it has enabled my family to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle both physically, mentally, socially, and intellectually. Through the scholarship program, my sons have participated in swimming, playing basketball, attending summer camp, and utilizing the youth center, thereby interacting with their peers and learning valuable social skills. As for me, I have lost more than 30 pounds through Zumba and RIPPED fitness programs, and my goal is to lose more. My sons will be doing the Zumbathon, and they’re excited. All this would have been a dream, if not for the Y scholarship. Thank you, Frederick County YMCA!!”

“Receiving the Y scholarship and becoming members enabled everyone in my family to have more physical activity opportunities. Our community has no swimming facility, so the Y offers an additional bonding activity with my children while swimming and playing with them. Over the past few years of my membership, I have gradually lost over 30 pounds, and my knees have stopped hurting. I have more self-confidence and energy chasing after my energetic 2-year-old son. My daughter and son love their gymnastic class. It helps them to gain strength and self-motivation. The Y scholarship program has positively impacted my family and improved our lives both physically and emotionally.”

“I can’t begin to explain, but will try, at how thankful we are to be a part of the “Y” through the scholarship you have given us! It would not be possible for us to be members if not for the help you’ve given us. Thank you for the opportunity to share our gratitude. We have five children, and our oldest is a Type 1 diabetic. Exercise is a key component in our lives, and because of the Y, we can keep ourselves and the children active, which helps tremendously during the winter months. On extremely hot days, it’s such a blessing to know that we can use the facilities. We also like the flexibility of using the fitness center at just about any time of the day. I have also appreciated the care that the nursery and children’s workers have shown my children while using the facilities. I have never hesitated to drop my infant off at the nursery because I know she will be well cared for. EVERY TIME we walk into the Y, I feel a heartfelt thanks that I can bring my family to such a wonderful place. Thank you, thank you.”

For Social Responsibility

“My separation and later divorce from my husband left me with my two children and income that didn’t include childcare. I moved to Frederick to better my life but was left in a deep financial hole. The YMCA filled that hole by helping me keep my job, and offering a place where I know my kid’s love. The center has given my son a great learning and growing environment and offers the best daycare center ever! The kids club has been there for both my kids. Now the YMCA is helping my daughter and me to form a friendship while getting in shape together. I feel that I wouldn’t give a sense of normalcy to my kids without the Y. It has given me a life of possibilities. I am fortunate to have the help of the YMCA.”

“By receiving the YMCA scholarship, I can go to work knowing that my daughter is receiving amazing care. I have been using the Y since 2004 and highly recommend the daycare program to everyone I know. The YMCA helped prepare my son for kindergarten and is now helping my daughter. The YMCA staff are all very loving, caring individuals. They treat our children as their own, and you can see the love in their eyes and the relationships they have built with our children. If it weren’t for the scholarship programs, I would not be able to afford good daycare and head to work knowing that they are safe.”

mother and father taking family picture with their daughter

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