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We Treasure Our Community! The entire community is welcome to enjoy our day of activities:
  • 8am-2pm: Les Mills Group Exercise Launch

8-9am, Pilates, Studio B, Jake*

8-9am, RPM, Cycle Studio, Elisabeth*

9:15-10am, Yoga, Studio B, Anna*

9:45-10:15am, Beginner Cycle, Cycle Studio, Hannah*

10-10:30, Combat, Outside Parking Lot, TEAM (Erin, Kelsey, Katharina)

10:15-10:45am, Barre, Studio B, Heidi

10:30-11am, SPRINT, Cycle Studio, TEAM (Vicki and Jen)*

10:45-11:15a, GRIT, Outside Parking Lot, TEAM (Erin, Becca)

11:15-11:45am, BodyPump, Studio A, TEAM (Erin, Becca, Jen, Vicki)

12-12:30pm, ZUMBA, Outside Parking Lot, TEAM (Tony, Linda)

1-1:30 pm, DRV, Outside Parking Lot, TEAM (Latoya, Kathy)

*Designates Reservations are Required. Reservations Open 73 hours in advance of class. 

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