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Crispy gooey grilled cheese, with an easy oven-roasted veggie tomato soup for any occasion!

Ages 6-14
This individual 2-hour class is designed for young chefs to work alongside our Top Chef instructor, Ben Palker! Learn the art of cooking and enjoy your culinary creations.
Ben Palker is the Head Culinary Instructor at the Teaching Kitchen at the YMCA in Frederick. His mission is to empower the community with the joy of cooking! Ben Believes that food can empower and bring people together. Ben has over a decade of formal culinary training and has been teaching all ages for more than 12 years. He has a deep understanding of how food affects your body, mind, and attitude, and the importance for our community to become “Food Literate”. Taking one of his classes will be an experience you and your taste buds will never forget!
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