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Loaves of FunBread Making!

  • Friday, July 28, 6pm-9pm
  • Downtown Y, 1000 North Market Street, Frederick

Join us for a hands-on bread-making workshop. Every participant will take home a loaf of bread to bake. There will be games and snacks too.

Cost: $10

What is a Loaves of Fun Show?

Loaves of Fun is a ninety-minute fun-filled, hands-on, interactive field trip for children ages 4-11.  This field trip allows teachers to provide an exciting learning experience for their students without worrying about arranging bus transportation or counting heads!  The Loaves of  Fun program was created over forty years ago, and we often have parent volunteers at shows who participated in the program when they were in elementary school. They often tell us that they still remember the fun of making bread.  We strive to fill our program with learning opportunities while the students are having “loaves of fun!”

Who are Kristin Brown and Lauren Fitzgerald?

Kristin and Lauren own and operate the Loaves of Fun company.  Kristin holds a degree in Elementary Education from Loyola University and worked in the Archdiocese of Washington DC and Frederick County school system. Lauren has a Communications degree from Radford University and has worked for Frederick County Public Schools since 2015.

What does the class include?

  • the ninety-minute program
  • an apron, stir stick, mixing bowls, baking pan, and take-home bag for each student
  • all of the ingredients necessary for each student to make their loaf of whole-wheat bread
  • paper to cover the tables
  • teacher activity packet

What we will learn:

  • collaboration
  • using synonyms
  • following directions
  • using tools to measure ingredients
  • using mental math to convert ounces into cups
  • importance of eating healthy foods
  • creating mixtures
  • estimating ingredients
  • states of matter
  • chemical reactions and chemical changes
  • natural resources
  • forming hypotheses



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