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The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Bloom in the verb form as to produce or yield flowers; to support abundant plant life, to mature into the achievement of one’s potential, to flourish in beauty, freshness, or excellence; to shine out; to become more apparent or fully expressed, to appear or occur unexpectedly in remarkable quantity or degree, to become densely populated with microorganisms; etc. Artists were encouraged to submit works for consideration that respond, relate or interpret the word Bloom within the critical contemporary context of our world today.

The exhibition has drawn 17 artists from the MidAtlantic area including Maryland, New York, and New Jersey to exhibit in historic downtown Frederick, Maryland.

“The artists in this exhibition have a kinship to nature and express it through a variety of ways. They recreate it through direct observation or memory, utilize it as a metaphor for narratives of the present and past, declare their absolute oneness with it, know it as a spiritual pathway or convey it through the artifice to allude to our species’ superficiality,” says Rula Jones, Gallery 115 Curator.

Artists in the Exhibition include:

  1. Karin Birch
  2. Roberto Bocci
  3. Craig Cavin
  4. Travis Childers
  5. Nicole Cohen
  6. Gay P. Cox 
  7. Stephen Dill
  8. Jennie Gallaine
  9. Weina Li
  10. Sheryl Massaro
  11. Jessye McDowell
  12. Tim McLoraine
  13. Patricia O’Brien
  14. Lisa Sheirer
  15. David Straange
  16. Katherine Verdickt
  17. Cathy Wilkin
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