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AIR artists will have their first open studio and micro-gallery exhibit on first Saturday, November 6 from 7-9 pm. 


About the Artists:

Karin Birch has been using hand embroidery and hand-stitched beadwork combined with acrylic paint as a medium for making art for 35 years. The act of hand stitching thread and beads is a slow and repetitive process that affords the space for uninterrupted thought. The act of painting is spontaneous, in the moment, physical movement. Combining these two opposite states gives form to endless exploration in to the mystery of being. Birch works intuitively, mining personal experiences, energy, movement, nature, and the occasional external interruptions of politics. Karin Birch has exhibited nationally and internationally with works in the permanent collections of the Boston Museum of Fine Art, the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC, and the United States Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Her work is represented by Gravers Lane Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, where her work will be in a featured exhibition in October 2021 and NOMA Gallery in Frederick, MD. 


Lisa Sheirer is a retired art and design professor living in Frederick, Maryland. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Printmaking from West Virginia University and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from the University of Notre Dame. Ms. Sheirer has been creating artwork for over 40 years.

​Although Lisa is primarily known as a printmaker, she works in various mediums, including pixels, clay, wood, glass, found objects, and iron casting. Her current series “Stratum” shows land and flowerscapes painted on paper.

Lisa’s public art projects include a ceramic mural at Baltimore Washington International Airport commissioned by the Maryland Department of Transportation and a glass mural installed in the new Western MD Health System lobby. In the recent past, Lisa has had many solo shows & was a featured artist at the Hillyer Art Space Gallery in Washington DC. Ms. Sheirer is a board member of the Frederick Book Arts Center, and her work is represented by Jo Fleming Contemporary Art Gallery in Annapolis.

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