Community Produce Market Benefits the Entire Community, but SNAP Recipients Most of All

With millions of Americans struggling to buy groceries with inflation and SNAP recipients losing $3 billion dollar a month in food stamps starting this March, the Community Produce Market held by the YMCA of Frederick County is needed now more than ever.

The Community Produce Market, held every Wednesday from 3-6 pm at the Y Teaching Kitchen/Bernard Brown Community Center at 629 N Market St, Frederick, provides fresh produce for only $1-$3. This is a significant discount from the grocery store and is thanks to Hungry Harvest which rescues farm-fresh fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. But SNAP recipients don’t pay a dime. Thanks to past donations and funds remaining from Hungry Harvest, the YMCA of Frederick County has been providing SNAP recipients up to $10 worth of free food each week.

And it’s not just produce, some grocery items are available as well ranging from pasta or soup to oatmeal or kombucha.

YMCA employees are encouraged to place orders for free bags of produce/groceries at no cost. And then the remainder is donated to the Frederick Community Fridge.

“During this employment crisis, it helps the YMCA, a nonprofit employer, provide a much-needed alternative “benefit,” says Tracey Hill, Chief People Officer, YMCA of Frederick County.

The YMCA of Frederick County would like to welcome everyone to the Community Produce Market but especially SNAP recipients. Everyone in the community can benefit from fresh, affordable produce to live a healthier lifestyle– in body, mind, and spirit!

In addition, the YMCA is seeking community partners looking to make an impact on the Frederick community. Partnerships include donations of food/groceries by local stores, to help reduce their food wast, and cash donations, to provide more food for SNAP recipients.