Beyond Cartoons

Sophia Townsend Beyond Cartoons Gallery 115 Exhibition

Sophia Townsend

Gallery 115, located in the Y Arts Center at 115 Church Street, Frederick, announces a two-dimensional exhibition titled Beyond Cartoons.

Cartoons are defined as “simple drawings showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way.” Usually considered a lighthearted medium, cartoons can address serious subjects including war, racism, mental health, and much more. This exhibit features two artists with different styles and subject matters:

Andrew Salfi was born in Washington, DC, and works in digital art, acrylic, graphite, micron, and watercolor. Andrew is interested in selling his art independently and attending art schools.

Sophia Townsend is an art therapy major and graphic design minor at Hood College. She currently works as an associate at the Frederick Arts Council Art Center. Through FAC, she has assisted in facilitating many events and art exhibitions at the FAC Art Center and FAC’s Sky Stage.

“My process varies from piece to piece, but I try to go into each piece I make with an open concept. I map out a general idea, build upon it, and let the piece evolve. As I add to a piece, I like to create a loose narrative around the subject and imbue some of my meanings and ideas onto it while leaving space for the viewer to add their own. In my work, I like to push the boundaries of reality to create something whimsical through using bright colors, mixed motifs, and mixed media.”

Andrew Salfi Beyond Cartoons Exhibition at Gallery 115

Andrew Salfi

Beyond Cartoons will be on view at Gallery 115 from January 24 through March 23, 2024

A reception will be held First Saturday, February 3 from 5 pm to 7pm.

Refreshments served. Free Parking in the back of the building.

For more information, email