Discovering Global Connections at YMCA Camp West Mar

At YMCA Camp West Mar, we are thrilled to introduce our amazing international camp staff from Camp America. These dedicated individuals bring a world of experience, diverse cultural backgrounds, and unique talents to our camp, creating an enriching environment for everyone. Let’s meet William Elsey, Isabelle Kent, Melike Kışı, and David Madrid Marco, and learn about their lives back home and their excitement for the summer ahead.

William Elsey: Adventurous and Excited

William Elsey 2024 Camp West Mar International StaffWilliam, or Will, hails from England and is passionate about dirt biking, basketball, and soccer. Despite his family and friends’ sometimes chaotic nature, Will loves the thrill of adventure and the excitement of new experiences.

“Hey, I’m Will from the UK. My family can be a handful at times, even my friends. I love it here in Maryland and would love the chance to stay once camp is over!” Will says. “I’m looking forward to the big swing, archery, and swimming.” His adventurous spirit and enthusiasm for camp activities are sure to bring a lot of energy and fun to Camp West Mar.

Isabelle Kent: Passionate and Enthusiastic

Isabelle Kent 2024 Camp West Mar International Staff

Isabelle, from Liverpool, UK, leads a busy life filled with forensic science studies, traveling, and caring for her numerous pets, including a turtle and a gecko. She loves playing sports, particularly archery and soccer, and has a strong desire to help others and teach at camp.

“I am so excited to meet everyone and help others at camp,” Isabelle exclaims. Her energy and dedication to making a positive impact on others will undoubtedly create a supportive and engaging environment for our campers.

Melike Kışı: Embracing Nature and Adventure

Melike Kisi 2024 Camp West Mar International Staff

Hailing from Turkey, Melike is a vibrant and active individual who balances her time between university, yoga, kickboxing, and caring for her beloved cat, İsmet. An avid cyclist, Melike enjoys long bike rides of 60km or more and loves immersing herself in a good book. Her passion for nature and adventure makes her a perfect fit for Camp West Mar.

“I’m really excited about the nature here and spending my time with the children,” Melike shares. Her enthusiasm for the outdoors and her nurturing spirit will undoubtedly inspire our campers to explore and appreciate the natural world around them.

In addition to her love for nature, Melike has been teaching kickboxing to the older campers at West Mar. The campers are LOVING it! Her dynamic classes are a hit, providing both a fun workout and valuable self-defense skills.

David Madrid Marco: Exploring New Horizons

David Marcos 2024 Camp West Mar International StaffDavid comes from the heart of Madrid, Spain, where family time often revolves around watching movies, traveling, and outdoor adventures. David’s hobbies include playing sports, discovering new places with friends, and teaching young children how to play volleyball and soccer.

“I think what will surprise me the most is getting to know the culture and the experience of a camp in another country,” David says. “I hope to make many friends and take a family back with me.” His eagerness to learn about American culture and his passion for sports and teaching make him a valuable addition to our camp staff.

Building a Global Community

At YMCA Camp West Mar, we believe in the power of cultural exchange and the value it brings to our community. Our international staff from Camp America not only enhance our camp with their diverse backgrounds and unique skills but also create a global network of friendships and understanding.

Through activities, games, and shared experiences, our campers will learn about different cultures, develop new perspectives, and build lifelong friendships with peers from around the world. The presence of William, Melike, David, and Isabelle exemplifies our commitment to fostering an inclusive and enriching environment where everyone can thrive.

Join Us This Summer

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey at YMCA Camp West Mar. Together with our international camp staff, we are creating a summer filled with adventure, learning, and unforgettable memories. Join us and experience the magic of camp, where the world comes together to play, learn, and grow.