YMCA of Frederick

Head Start

Beginning on May 1, 2012, the YMCA became the new grantee for the Federally funded Head Start program in Frederick County. The Head Start program provides comprehensive education, social, health, and nutrition services to eligible three and four-year-old children and their families in eight locations.

Children participate in appropriate educational experiences, field trips, nutritional meals, and health screenings. They also receive limited transportation services, referrals for disability and mental health issues, and school transition services. Family involvement in the program is encouraged and assistance is given in obtaining needed social services.

Contact Head Start

If you or anyone you know could benefit from the Head Start program and can meet Federal eligibility guidelines, please call or stop by our Head Start office today.

Phone: 301-378-9140
Office: 801 N East St Frederick, MD 21701
Hours: Monday-Friday  8:00-5:00