Y Swim Team Finished Winter Season Undefeated!

The Frederick County YMCA Swim Team finished their 2017-2018 Winter season undefeated in dual meet competition. Our swimmers swam in 4,407 individual events and 270 relays. We ended the season with 30 new records which are on are now on the record board. 

We prepared all season long for our championship meets and hit them with a bang! During our C&P, USA MD States, Districts Championship and National meets we set an incredible 25 Individual Team Records  and 7 relay team records.

During our C&P League Championships we finished 3rd out of 19 teams. 

During the YMCA District Championships the 20 teams are divided into a small, medium and large team divisions based on the number of swimmers who entered the meet. We were considered a large team and competed with teams over twice our size.  We held our own with our 13-14 girls finishing 1st in the large team division, and our 9-10 and 15-18 boys finishing 2nd.  

Please congratulate Michael Dressler, Mya Dressler, Michael Flegel, Collin Mood, Jake Stafford, Hayley Taylor,  Christian Tolino and Robert XU. These eight swimmers earned a spot to compete at the YMCA National championships in North Carolina.  This was the first time in ten years that our team has taken girls to the competition.  They represented our team outstandingly.  Michael Dressler, Collin Mood and Jake Stafford earned a Pro Series time and an opportunity to compete against Olympians at a special meet. We look forward to continuing our success this summer season!