YMCA School of Dance

The YMCA School of Dance presented 16 dancers for their Cecchetti Exams this Spring.  Cecchetti is a formal ballet technique.  Examiners are flown in from around the country to preside over exams.  We are proud to announce all 16 dancers passed their exams and are promoted to the next grade.  A special thank you to our Cecchetti teachers who made this possible — Katie Glover and Mackenzie Clark.  A special congratulations to Abby Crosby for passing her Teacher Grade 1 exam, providing her with credentials to teach Grade 1 Cecchetti classes.

Congratulations to the following dancers:

Grade 1
Joyanna Amidon
Yasamin Arbabshirani
Rita Durum
Calah Kaufman
Grace Koziol
Taylor Nyack
Colette Riccio
Elizabeth Slade
Grace Willets

Grade 2
Olivia Atkinson
Aliya Conner

Grade 4
Francesca Martin

Grade 5
Hannah Mwendwa
Sophia Parkins
Brianna Santiago

Teacher, Grade 1
Abby Crosby