Y Fitness App

With the opening of the brand new Cycle Studio we are excited to also launch an exciting new app where members can not only reserve a spot in class, but also a specific bike! The app will show a room schematic to indicate fans, speakers, tv and door placement to allow members to chose a bike based on their preferences.  The new technology paired with the app also features a leader board (members may opt in/out of this feature) to show which zone each participant is working in.  This feature is a great training tool for those who are visual so they can see where they are working and for those who may be looking to get out of a “funk” and take their training to the next level.  At the end of each workout, all participants will receive an email showing how many calories they burned,  their power output, and distance “traveled” during their workout.  Additionally, the app will track members stats to monitor progress for measurable outcomes.

The app is available on both Apple and Android devices (see links below to download app).


Please feel free to contact Group Fitness Director, Jaime Fisher with any questions about the app at jfisher@frederickymca.org