Wonderful happenings for the FCY Tidal Force Swim Team

The Tidal Force Swim team would like to recognize the recent accomplishments of some of our talented swimmers.

Tidal Force just took 6 very talented swimmers to the YOTA/ ARENA Capital Classic in Cary North Carolina. (Rachael Bostian, Alex Hain, Kathryn Pressly, Matteo Torres, Noah Wilson and Kara Young)  These swimmers competed against National level competitors and swimmers with Olympic Trial Cuts.  What a privilege for our swimmers to qualify and attend.  These swimmers showed the character our YMCA looks for in Youth athletes.   During the meet Kathryn Pressly and Alex Hain qualified for YMCA Winter Nationals.  Alex Hain was the top point scorer for all males in the meet with 98 points.  Rachael Bostian was the fourth highest female point scorer with 54 points. Eight new team records were set during the competition.

Alex Hain was selected as one of the 12 top swimmers in MD State Swimming to attend a training camp at the Olympic Training Center.  He joined 12 other very talented high school athletes and spent 4 days experiencing life as an elite swimmer.  Alex brought back many new leadership skills to help guide our team.

Noah Wilson was chosen as MD Swimming’s Youth Diversity Leader.  Earning this title he was able to travel to the National USA Swimming Conference to share experiences with US swimming leaders. He voted on national legislation during the conference to ensure equality for all swimmers.

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