Compiled by Richard Foot


The Y is the nation’s leading nonprofit committed to strengthening communities through Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility.  At its core “Social Responsibility” is all about giving back and providing support to our neighbors.

Volunteerism and Giving are two elements of Social Responsibility.  Volunteers who serve on our Y’s Endowment Committee embody the Social Responsibility which the Y fosters.  Our Y’s Endowment Committee Members share WHY WE SERVE THE YMCA.

“I choose to serve the Y because the Y provides so many positive services and benefits to our community.  I am blessed to have been born and raised and still live in this wonderful community we call home.  I feel it is important to give back to the community that has given so much to me. In serving the Y, we serve an important institution that provides so many opportunities, services, lessons and values for our residents of every age. The Y is an important pillar of our community and makes our community a much better place to live, hopefully for generations to come. And that is why I choose to serve the Y.”  – Anne-Herbert Rollins 

“The YMCA of Frederick County provides exceptional facilities and programs that enhance the physical and spiritual health of our entire community. One vital need that the Y targets is opportunities that support our youth and promote healthy lifestyles and values that will help them mature into productive members of our community. As a former teacher, coach and school administrator,  I can’t think of a better way to support our community than through the efforts of the YMCA.” – Michael Trout

“Growing up, I was impressed with the people who were involved with the Y.  They really embodied the four character elements which the Y espouses: Caring, respect, responsibility and honesty.  While the Y is known for teaching people to swim, coaching sports, its childcare and camping, the compelling attraction for me to serve the Y is the set of values the YMCA represents.  That attracted me to the Y, and has kept me connected.”  –  Richard Foot

“Volunteering for the Y is so easy to justify!  The YMCA of Frederick County acts as a safety net to those in need – we don’t say “no” to those children and families who need our services, yet lack the resources, whether financial or otherwise, to access them.

And, we don’t sit around waiting for people to find us; rather, we try hard to seek them out and fill their needs.   We’re so much more than a “gym”!”   –  Kim Chaney

“I have been a member of the Y for about 65 years (give or take). The Frederick Y and YMCA camping played a valuable part in my development as a young man. As an adult, serving the Y is a small way to help ensure that this important part of the fabric of our community remains strong for generations yet to be born.”  –  Hunt Hendrickson

“I benefited greatly as a child from the YMCA programs for swimmings, gymnastics, and day camps.  I support the Y because I want to see other children gain physical and social skills that can make them healthy and successful.  I am particularly drawn to the scholarship program that allows kids from all backgrounds to enjoy these tremendous programs.” –  Mike Malloy

“I choose to volunteer with the YMCA because of the impact the organization has had on my own life, and those within my family. In my own life, physical fitness has played such an important role in shaping me into the person I am today. The YMCA’s countless physical education and activity programs play such an important part in helping so many in our community maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to serve the YMCA and the greater Frederick community.” – Westley Tibbs

Should you or a loved one be interested in learning more about planned giving options at the YMCA of Frederick County, please contact Tom Clingman at (301)663-5131 or tclingman@frederickymca.org