The Motion in Lotion Concept for muscle balance, joint stability and diet for a healthy life is the recommendation of Physical Therapist Janet Keller.

The Green Valley YMCA Senior Summertime Fun program held on June 18, 2019, provided discussions, demonstrations, and educational literature for maintaining independence in the senior years.  The ability to walk, exercise, travel, cook and be active while aging in place helps to avoid age related physical limitations and illness such as muscle and joint pain.  Thus, life can be lived and enjoyed to the fullest and not be hindered because of becoming a burden to loved ones and/or caregivers.

Proper posture vs poor posture was demonstrated.  Slouching puts pressure on the spine.  This can lead to joint, muscle and back pain.  Also demonstrated was how to get in and out of bed correctly and how to rise from a sitting position.  Body mechanics for safety in doing daily routine task also included getting in and out of a car, picking up objects off of the floor, vacuuming, sweeping, shoveling, raking, lifting and reaching for objects which might include boxes from WayFair or Amazon, and retrieving items out of the car trunk, grocery cart and washing machine.  These actions, if done correctly, will result in comfort of motion and not hurting oneself.

The benefits of exercise and eating a healthy diet were discussed for optimum quality of life.  Moderate to a high level of activity in people 60 years and older yields a higher functional level and likelihood of less disabilities and limitations.  Healthy eating lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and will reduce the risk of diabetes and heart related diseases.

The participants lunched on a catered meal from Panera which included ice tea, water, salad, bread, cookies and brownies.

A good time was had by all. The Green Valley Y has monthly activities for Seniors.  Check out our webpage, Facebook and program guides for more information!