New Steps for our Group Fitness classes!

As many of the Group Fitness participants may have seen in the studio, we just got some new steps!  Although the previous steps served us for several years, many of them unfortunately were damaged from the recent flood in May.  We were able to replace these steps with the new Les Mills SMARTSTEP.  The steps have been “scientifically re-engineered”  for increased “durability and stability with a unique riser “lock in” system that allows the SMARTSTEP to be picked up and carried as one piece.” When looking at purchasing new steps for our group fitness classes we were looking for an option that provided not only longevity for use but also safety and stability for our members and we felt the SMARTSTEP accomplished all three!   The non slip surface is great for classes such as BODYPUMP, GRIT and step providing members with a strong stable base that allows more stability and even more muscle recruitment when stepping due to the revolutionary design. Additionally, they are more comfortable for your back and hands (push-ups, chest press) and are quick and easy to assemble.  They are also have a more stable/safe option for our pregnant participants in BODYPUMP who need an incline bench during class.