“Leave The Wood Pile Higher Than You Found It”

Maureen McGreevy brings an energy and enthusiasm to the Frederick YMCA that is contagious. Growing up in Middletown she was introduced to the Y at an early age.  As she entered adulthood and embarked on her career, she stayed in touch with the Y.  A few years ago she decided to move her professional career to Frederick and gave up her daily commute to Washington DC.  With the time saved commuting she was able to get back to regular exercise at the Y.  She loves working out with Y trainers.  Her favorite being Rebecca who according to Maureen “has been an awesome partner and helped me improve my overall health and quality of life and I am lucky to have her in my corner”.

Thankfully for the YMCA, Maureen’s Y journey has taken her on a path she would have never imagined just few years ago.  In 2016 Maureen was asked to help with Annual Campaign on the Major Gifts Committee.  Maureen, although having never taken part in fundraising, said yes and began asking her friends and fellow members to provide much needed scholarships for Y kids, families and adults. Maureen said:

“I was not aware of everything the Y does for the community.  Thought it was just a swim and gym place. At every meeting I learn something new about how the Y supports the community- largest childcare provider in the community, provides over $500k in scholarships, does not turn away people in need- the list goes on and on.”

Maureen did such a great job that she was asked to join the Y Board of Directors and Chair the 2017 Annual Campaign. Maureen said her early Y experiences have shaped her current desire to give back. “Growing up, I was on the Y swim team with my brother Matt and loved going to Y summer camp. Recently, as I work with people on the Annual Campaign to support the mission of the Y, I have learned almost everyone has a Y story. I am in awe of the support that the Y provides to the community through scholarships. It gives people opportunities to have memberships, have childcare access, go to summer camp, learn how to swim, experience their first overnight camp, attend before and after school care, and so much more.”

In 2018 Maureen was asked to chair the Financial Development Committee, which oversees all aspects of Y Philanthropy including: The Endowment Program, Y Capital Campaigns, Special Events and the Annual Campaign.  Maureen says that “her father believes that you always leave the wood pile higher than you found it.” She went on to say “while working down the road from Frederick I struggled finding opportunities to give back. I am very lucky that the Y did me a favor and asked me to volunteer as they gave me an extremely rewarding opportunity to support our exceptional community. That is what motivates me when reaching out to donors or volunteers to find people looking to support our community and giving them the same opportunity to help through the Y. If you are looking for an opportunity to give back, I invite you to join us. The funny part is my experience has been so rewarding, I feel I still get more back than I give to the Y.  Hope to see you at an upcoming event, as a volunteer or in the wellness center.”

The Y and our community are so lucky to have volunteers like Maureen McGreevy leading our organization!

Should you or a loved one be interested in learning more about the Annual Campaign or planned giving options at the YMCA of Frederick County, please contact Tom Clingman at (301)663-5131 or tclingman@frederickymca.org