Friendly Reminders

Please remember that the 20 minute parking spaces in front of the building are intended only for use while making a quick stop inside. While we would love to offer everyone premium parking, we do set these spots aside for members and guests that have are just picking-up/dropping-off, or who have quick business at the front desk. We are happy to announce that the Member’s Entrance on the Lower Level has been opened and is available for members only to use with their cards.

Please remember that the Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms are strictly for Members and Guests ages 18 and older. Individuals with children who want to access the pool should use the Parent/Child Locker Rooms located near the pool. Adults may accompany their children into the respective gender locker room, i.e. a father may take his four year old daughter into the boys locker room, and vice versa.  There are also several family changing rooms available that do not connect to the pool. Ask a Lifeguard or Courtesy Desk Staff for entrance into the pool from the family locker rooms.