The Angel Fund Sponsors a “Haircut Day”

By Kelly Presnell

On August 23rd of this past summer, the Kids Unlimited camp offered a unique service to our families. The Angel Fund, a nonprofit started by a Kids Unlimited parent a few years ago, contacted me about providing a service to my families to ease the difficulties often present to many of our campers.

They sponsored a “haircut day” and paid for a stylist to come give haircuts for all interested. The stylist was amazing with the kids, and approximately 15 campers participated! The kids were thrilled to have a fresh new haircut for the start of the school year, and parents generously provided tips for the stylist for her efforts!

This process can be very difficult for kids who struggle with sensory issues, crowds, etc. and we were able to have this service provided at a place where they are familiar and comfortable. It is a true mission moment when parents who struggle every day to provide support for their kids with special needs are willing and generous to give back to others and pay it forward!!