Y Endowment

In the years since the YMCA OF FREDERICK COUNTY was founded in 1858, thousands of individuals – kids, families, adults, seniors – have personally benefited from the Y’s commitment to strengthening this community.

While faithful donors have continued to support the Annual Campaign and Special Signature Events of the YMCA, many have chosen to invest in the future of the Y through the Endowment Fund, that provide financial security and support in perpetuity.

One of the greatest personal aspirations in life can be to make a difference in your community or world. The issues that face our community include leadership development, health and wellness, education and childcare. The Y supports all of these issues, and through support of the Y endowment funds, you care and commitment for the issues can secure a foundation that will continue to address these most urgent needs in our community.

The Y movement has been going strong for over 160 years and it continues vibrantly today. It is stable, values-based, professionally managed, in touch with public issues and capable of meeting the changing conditions and needs of the future.

OUR MISSION: To Put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.