We Now Offer Fit3D Body Scans

Fit3D scanThe Fit3D body scanner is now available. First-time use for members is FREE (ask us)! Future scans are $25 each.

Your Fit3D scan will immediately tell you:

  • your body fat percentage,
  • posture imbalances,
  • muscle imbalances and
  • so much more!

Come in and meet with one of our attendants or personal trainers so they can get you set up!  No appointment is needed.

The Fit3D scanner is currently only available at our Downtown branch. 



REMINDERS for your FIT3D Body Scan

Fit3D Scan Guidelines

Be sure to wear tight fitting clothes like sports bra and leggings or you can be scanned in your underwear. (The booth is in a private room)

Fit3D Scan Guidelines

Be sure to tuck all your hear up into a tight bun. (Not a pony tail or braid.)

Fit3D Scan Guidelines

Be sure nothing is on or in the way of the scanner.