Water Fitness

Water fitness can improve strength, flexibility, decrease body fat, facilitate rehabilitation and improve functionality for daily living

Think You Can’t Get A GREAT Workout In The Water? THINK AGAIN!  More people than ever are exploring pool activity programs, and for good reason! Water fitness can improve strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, decrease body fat, facilitate rehabilitation, improve functionality for daily living, and even enhance sports skills. Hop On In For A Great Workout That Benefits People Of All Ages And Abilities. All Aquatic Exercises Can Be Tailored To Fit Your Individual Fitness Needs. The water’s resistance helps build strength, endurance and it is stress-free on the body.

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Ai Chi

Perform Tai Chi in the water with simple exercises and a combination of deep breathing and slow broad movements of the arms, legs and torso to promote balance and relaxation.

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Deep Water Exercise

Focus on muscular strength motion that work the body’s major muscle groups as well as motions that work the core and balance.

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Hard Core Water Exercise

Non-impact water exercise that emphasizes strength training and stretching to help reduce stress and focus on weight management.

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Low Impact Water Exercise

This class is designed for people with limited mobility, injuries, or who have not exercised in a long time.

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Senior Swim / Volleyball

Designed for older adults who want to participate in swimming activities.

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Shallow Water Exercise

For all fitness levels to help improve muscle tone, endurance and flexibility in shallow water.

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Shallow / Deep Water Exercise

A water fitness class that will increase endurance, muscle toning and strength for those who want an exercise challenge that employs the whole pool.

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Warm Water Fitness

For those who want to enjoy the water or those looking to challenge themselves without stress on their joints.

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Water Walking

This light-intensity workout uses the natural resistance of the water to strengthen core muscles, increase balance, coordination and flexibility.

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