Water Fitness

Water fitness can improve strength, flexibility, decrease body fat, facilitate rehabilitation and improve functionality for daily living

Think You Can’t Get A GREAT Workout In The Water? THINK AGAIN!  More people than ever are exploring pool activity programs, and for good reason! Water fitness can improve strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, decrease body fat, facilitate rehabilitation, improve functionality for daily living, and even enhance sports skills. Hop On In For A Great Workout That Benefits People Of All Ages And Abilities. All Aquatic Exercises Can Be Tailored To Fit Your Individual Fitness Needs. The water’s resistance helps build strength, endurance and it is stress-free on the body.

For an updated schedule of class times, please view our pool schedules.

Ai Chi

This class promotes balance, relaxation, and increased body awareness. 50 minutes.

Aqua Salsa

Participants will increase cardio endurance, improve flexibility and muscle tone.

Aqua Yoga

Low impact class, focuses on breathing, stretching, and strengthening muscles.

Deep Water

Float belts are available for the participants. Designed to increase muscular endurance and strength.

Double Duty

The entire pool is utilized to improve cardiovascular fitness, increase muscular strength, endurance and flexibility with moderate to high intensity moves.

Hydro Pilates

Aerobic workout with core strength training, combined with stretching and relaxation.

Just Fab

Flexibility, agility, and balance is what this class challenges participants to achieve.


Promotes movement in warm water to help increase mobility and flexibility, muscle tone and balance.

Movin' and Groovin'

High energy, low impact class will increase cardio endurance, flexibility and muscle tone while moving to energizing beats.

Senior Swim

Seniors can enjoy a relaxing swim or volleyball three days a week.

Shallow/Deep Water

Designed to increase cardio endurance, muscle tone and strength.

Shallow Water

Uses the water resistance to improve muscle strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and aerobic conditioning.

Splashin' to the Oldies

Whole body workout with moderate aerobics and lower impact on joints.

Therapeutic Walking

Specialized walking exercises benefit those who suffer from physical or neurological challenges such as MS, Parkinson’s, spine issues, and arthritis.

Total Body

Utilizes both the shallow and deep ends of the pool for a challenging total body workout.

Turbulence and Tranquility

Interval training to increase and decrease heart rate and energy levels throughout the class.

Water Volleyball

  • Want to do healthy moving-around exercise and enjoy it?
  • Like to be accepted with no judgment – no matter your physical shape?
  • Want to get as much energy-burn just by laughing at yourself with everyone else?
  • Like to get into the water up to your stomach to prevent impact-related injuries?
  • Want to join people who have become good friends while trying to beat the socks off whatever side they’re on that day?

Then try senior water-volleyball at the Downtown Y!

We play Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Folks float in a little after 2:00pm through 4:00pm.

Warm Water Exercises

Designed especially for people with arthritis but is appropriate for anyone requiring a low impact exercise program.

Water Walking

Self guided water walking. Registration is required.