Water Exercise & Adult Swim Lesson FAQ’s

Where do I change and how do I get in?

Girls’/Boys’ Rooms – Adults may not enter unless accompanied by a child.

Women’s/Men’s Rooms – Children are not permitted into the adult locker rooms.

Single Stall Rooms – May be used by anyone at any time, but are of particular importance to our patrons with limited mobility, and parents with opposite gender children. Please keep this in mind when choosing a single stall room.

Pool Entrances – Patrons are required to enter the pool through the back entrance off of the locker rooms. Patrons with limited mobility may ask a staff member to open the staff entrance door for them on an as-needed basis.

What should I wear?

All participants must be wearing appropriate swim attire in order to enter the pool, street clothes are not permitted. Participants who are easily chilled are welcome to wear a swim shirt or wetsuit in addition to their swimsuit. All swimwear must fully cover all private areas including the buttocks. Swimwear designed to adhere to religious requirements such as “Burkinis” are welcome.

What accessories should I bring?

Nose plugs and ear plugs are not recommended for beginners unless required for medical reasons. An integral part of learning to swim is becoming comfortable with water in and on the face, as well as learning how to clear water away from the face when swimming. Goggles may be worn if desired, beginner classes will offer instruction on submerging without goggles.

Water exercise classes will provide float belts, noodles, and barbells/dumbbells for participants to borrow, however, participants are welcome to bring their own equipment as desired.

What happens if I miss a class?

If you are a YMCA member who has registered for the $15 unlimited water exercise pass, just attend any other water ex class you’d like during the session. Outside of that program, we are not able offer make-ups, drop-in sessions, or credits/refunds for students who have missed group classes.

If a class meeting is cancelled by the YMCA due to pool closure or instructor absence, every effort will be made to hold a make-up offering for the group as a whole.

Can I use the pool before class starts?

Oftentimes the pool is reserved exclusively for registered programs; in this case, participants must wait for their class to start before entering the pool. If the schedule indicates “Open Rec” or “Adult Lap”, YMCA members may utilize the pool.

What is the student to instructor ratio in my class?

Water exercise classes typically have one instructor, and classes range in maximum size from 10-25 participants. Once the maximum is reached, no other participants will be permitted to join the class for that day.

Learn to swim classes typically have one instructor and 3-5 participants.

What do I do if I have more questions?

What do I do if I have more questions?

Brief questions or concerns can be directed to the instructor during class, extended conversations should wait until after class concludes. During group exercise classes, please keep side conversations to a minimum so other participants can hear the instructor’s directions. Please feel free to contact Aquatics Administration using the information below.


Samm Meddaugh
Aquatics Director
(301) 663-5131 x 1273

Alisa Willoughby
Assistant Aquatics Director
(301) 663-5131 x 1283

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