Teen Swim Lessons

Swim Basics

Ages 11-15 years, no evaluation required. Students learn personal water safety and achieve basic swimming competency by learning breath control, forward and backward movement, water safety, and benchmark skills. Comprehensive of Water Acclimation, Water Movement, and Water Stamina stages.

Swim Strokes

Ages 11-15 years, evaluation required prior to registration. Having mastered the fundamentals, students learn additional water safety skills and build stroke technique, developing skills that prevent chronic disease, increase social-emotional and cognitive well being, and foster a lifetime of physical activity. Comprehensive of Stroke Introduction, Stroke Development, and Stroke Mechanics.

Competition Pathway

Ages 9-15 years, evaluation required prior to registration. Designed for students who have had regular experience with formal swim lessons and are fully capable of performing all 4 competitive strokes with advanced technique and speed. Ideal for students who are interested in competitive swimming, but are not ready to commit to joining a team. Focuses on continuing to build endurance and stroke technique on all major competitive strokes, starts, turns, and finishes. Formerly 4 Stroke.

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