Swim Lesson Policies

Everything you need to know about the YMCA swim lesson policies

Age Groupings:
Many classes are restricted to certain age ranges in order to allow for the best quality instruction for each group. To ensure quality instruction and a safe environment for our participants, we are not able to make exceptions to our posted age ranges.

Swim Evaluations:

These are required for pre-school and youth group classes. Evaluations can be scheduled at many times during the week at no cost to potential participants. Children who will register for Pike 1, Polliwog, or Young Adult lessons do not require an evaluation.

Goggles, Ear Plugs, Nose Plugs:

These accessories are not recommended for beginner and advanced beginner classes unless required for medical reasons. We will permit participants to use them if desired, however a integral part of learning to swim is becoming comfortable with water in and on the face, as well as learning how to clear water away from the face when swimming. Instructors will provide opportunities for participants to try skills without the use of these products.

Make Up Classes:

Due to student to instructor ratios, we are not able offer make up sessions or credits/refunds for individual students who have missed a group class. Private lessons may be re-scheduled as long as 24 hours notice is provided. If a class meeting is cancelled by the YMCA due to pool closure or instructor absence, every effort will be made to hold a make up offering for the group as a whole.

Adult Supervision:

Children under the age of 9 must have a designated adult on the pool deck with them at all times, including during swim classes. Non-swimmers under the age of 18 are required to have a designated adult in the water with them at all times when swimming. The Aquatics Department reserves the right to swim test any child for competency at any time when they are in the pool.

Locker Rooms and Pool Entrances:

Girls’/Boys’ Rooms – Children under the age of 6 may accompany their parents into either room as necessary. Children ages 6 and up must use the locker room appropriate to their gender. Adults may not enter unless accompanied by a child.
Women’s/Men’s Rooms – Children are not permitted into the adult locker rooms.
Single Stall Rooms – May be used by anyone at any time, but are of particular importance to our patrons with limited mobility, and parents with opposite gender children. Please keep this in mind when choosing a single stall room.
Pool Entrances – Patrons are required to enter the pool through the back entrance off of the locker rooms. Patrons with limited mobility and parents with opposite gender children may request entrance through the staff entrance door on an as-needed basis.
Class Time:
Please plan to be on the pool deck slightly before the start of class, late arrivals may miss important information or skills presented at the beginning of class. Please allow instructors to lead classes without interruptions. Questions or concerns from parents can be directed to the on deck supervisor, or to the instructor after classes end. Please keep in mind that many instructors may need to go from one class directly into another and may ask you to speak to the on deck supervisor even after class ends.