Dance Standards & Guidelines at the YMCA

A collection of standards and guidelines for dance classes at the Y and includes popular FAQs

Timeliness and Attendance

A good dance experience begins with getting to class five minutes early. This gives the student the opportunity to focus mentally, while putting on shoes, fixing hair, and greeting classmates. Teachers allow a ten-minute grace period for students to occasionally be late, but students who come to class more than ten minutes late will only be allowed to sit and observe the remainder of the lesson. Parents should inform teachers in advance when their child is going to be absent from class.

Annual Recital

Before the annual recital, the dance director will provide families with guidelines for purchasing costumes.

Gameroom Classes


Students assemble for class outside the Gameroom door, and wait for the teacher to call them into the room. Parents may wait in the lobby. No tap shoes in the Lobby. Pre-schoolers, ages 3-5, must have parents in the building during class, preferably in the closest waiting area to the child’s class.

Aerobics/Dance Studio Classes

Parents should assemble students for class in the waiting area by the Control Desk. Teachers will gather students and walk them to the studio. Parents should refrain from peeking into class. After class, the teacher will return all students as a group to the Control Desk waiting area.

Classes at the Staley Building

Parents and their children may assemble and enter the building five minutes before class begins. Parents are responsible for assisting students to prepare for the lesson, and must remain with the child until the teacher calls for the lesson to begin. Parents can wait in their cars, or are welcome to wait at the main Y lobby.

Code of Conduct

We ask that all students in Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Junior Level classes sign our [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=25 linktext=’Dance Code Of Conduct’ /].


Will my child change levels after the Fall I session?
All levels take nine full months of study to complete. In some instances, if a child has not been placed properly by age, skill or motivation, the teacher will recommend a change to be made during the Fall I (Sept. – Oct) session.
May I change the day of my child’s lesson?
Yes, during Fall I or Fall II session. By December, you will want to keep the same class level. During November, classes are cast into recital roles and costumes purchased, and recital plans can not be changed after this is completed.
When can parents watch their child’s progress?
There are Open House classes during the year at which parents can observe their children in class. Parents may drop in during a class if prior arrangements have been made with the teacher.
Why must my child wear a leotard and her hair in a bun?
The leotard and hair bun are required dance attire because they keep a dancer’s body lines from being cluttered. A hair bun calls attention to the direction of the head and expression in the eyes.
Must I sign up my child for each new session?
Yes, unless you have paid the annual fee for 9 months of classes.

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