Recreational Dance Classes

These classes are designed for children and adults who have no prior experience in dance and want to learn and explore dance class

Recreational Dance Classes
Dancers of all levels are invited to join, ages 6 and up who have no prior experience. Classes meet once a week and are 60 minutes in length. Each class will offer a different class time to accommodate the following age groups: Elementary (ages 6-10), Youth (ages 8-13), Teen (ages 13-18) and Adults (ages 18+). For a complete description of classes, including class times and fees, please view our current program guide.

Dance Basics

Always wanted to dance and didn’t know where to begin? This is the perfect classes to prepare you for success in the dance classroom. Learn dance class etiquette, how to prepare for class, and basic technique that will get you ready for the stage! These classes are available all year and you can start anytime. You will need to complete 4 consecutive sessions of this class before entering a technique class, or earlier with your instructor’s approval.


Bring a dance partner or find one in class and have a great time! Dancing with respect and grace participate in social dancing that is widely enjoyed on stage, film and television. Learn to cha-cha, mambo, tango and so many more!

Dancer Conditioning

Take a class designed to improve overall strength, build lean muscle and increase energy levels and stamina.


Tie on your tap shoes and join a long loved American tradition of tap dancing!

Hip Hop

It’s time to get up and groove in a high energy class learning the latest steps to current, popular music! Dancers will work up a sweat but this is not a fitness class. This class teaches basic dance skills that increase flexibility, strength, self-awareness and cooperation. Be ready to bring your moves with choreographed and improvisational pieces.

Theater Dance

Learn to do it all! Sing, dance and act to collaboratively produce two shows a year. In Musical Theater focus on the vocals and dramatic aspects of theater and explore different styles of dance in the theater dance class. Students signed up for Musical Theater should also be registered for a minimum of at least one other appropriately level class.


The YMCA Dance and Gymnastics Programs have collaborated to offer a class that will increase core strength and flexibility for dancers to perform handsprings, walkovers and many other tricks! This 45-minute class is highly recommended for dancers who want to explore range of motion and improve turning and jumping technique.


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