Preschool Dance Classes

These classes are designed for children ages 2-5 to introduce them to creative movement and music.

Preschool Dance Classes in Frederick MD
Preschool Dance Classes are designed for children ages 2-5, introducing creative movement and musicality. Classes meet once a week for 30-45 minutes. Female students wear pink leotards, pink tights, pink leather/canvas ballet shoes. Male students wear a white t-shirt, black pants/shorts, black leather/canvas ballet shoes. These beginner dance classes will introduce students to the basics of movement and skills to foster a love for dance. For class times and fees, please view our current program guide.

Preschool 1: Dance With Me (ages 2-3)

This is a 30-minute introductory parent/child class for ages 2-3. Parents will participate in the studio with their children for their first-time dance experience to explore movement and music in a safe and fun environment.

Preschool 2: Watch Me Dance (ages 3-4)

This is a 45-minute class for preschool students ages 3-4. Students will start to step away from parents and interact more with other classmates as they continue to explore movement while learning important dance basics introduced through fun activities.

Preschool 3: I’m Dancing Now (ages 4-5)

Students become more spatially aware of their bodies in this 45-minute preschool dance class for ages 4-5. Dancers will learn basic ballet movements with fun music. Games and activities help students learn and practice basic movements and skills that will develop into ballet techniques.



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